Princess Unicorn


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Angry Dragons

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Power Ups

  • Power ups are varied and depending on your objective can help you along your journey.  
  • Your superpower is a magical unicorn fart that kicks in at points in the game when you need it most. Used at the right time during a dragon attack you can repel the dragon and capture all his jewels and coins.
  • A lightning bolt icon can use your power fart propel you forward at superspeed. You become invincible at superspeed as you crash through walls, leap across gaps capturing everything in your path. 
  • A  super magnet will attract every coin in your vicinity.
  • Candy multipliers will help increase your score dramatically
  • Special Unicorns are available: Piñata inspired Unicorn, A Zonkey that’s a combination of Donkey and Zebra. A super special offering “Lil Covid 19 PAK”.
  •  As a special added bonus you can combine power ups and use them together to really increase your scores